America in the Bible? (Not?)


I have often wondered if America is referred to in the Bible – I believe others have struggled with this question as well.  Although America was not recognized as a nation until after 1776, a considerable portion of Bible prophecy concerns times much later than this.  Based on the present world situation it seems that America should logically be involved in some of the end-times events recorded in the Bible, and thus, should be included (using some appropriate symbolic identity).

America-the-biblical-nation-5B39CO2-x-largeThere are seventeen books of prophecy in the Old Testament (OT), several of which concern end-times events, but the book of Revelation in the New Testament (NT) provides the most complete coverage of events that occur during the last seven years of the world as we know it.  The book of Revelation was written for all of Jesus’ servants (believers), but it primarily concerns Israel, God’s chosen nation.  However, the events that are described therein have significant impact on the entire world.  America is the only present-day nation committed to the support of Israel.  For it to not be included in these prophetic end-times narratives seems strange, almost like an oversight.  If America’s pledge to Israel for undying support continues to the end, you would certainly think some indication of that would appear in OT prophecy, and/or in the book of Revelation.  The purpose of this chapter is to identify and analyze three possible Bible references that may provide an answer to this seeming conundrum, one documented in the OT, and two in the NT.

Read the rest of this work here – America in the Bible? (Not?) (pdf downloadable 36 pages)


One thought on “America in the Bible? (Not?)

  1. I have lots of thoughts on this topic and hope we can get a bit of a dialogue going here online. Please share your thoughts on the topic here online and let’s talk both about Jesse’s post and with him as well!


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